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Behind the Books

Black Chook Books is a new, vibrant and independent publisher of original children’s books and is based in New Zealand.

Our titles feature the work of award winning designer, illustrator, storyboard artist and writer Martin Bailey.


Martin is highly regarded by major publishing houses in New Zealand, Australia and the United States and has written and/or illustrated over 100 children’s titles including many for the education sector. He has written books for a diverse range of publishers including Wendy Pye Publishing, Scholastic, Pearson and Murdoch.

Black Chook Books has evolved from a partnership between Martin Bailey and designer Kathryn Enchmarch, who are both passionate about the unique world view New Zealand has to offer.


And the Black Chook? The Black Chook name is from a very strong minded and independent little hen. When it was time to to move to their new home, she wouldn’t allow her owners to catch her. And so she remained, to be adopted by the new owners Kathryn and Martin.

marty kath.jpg

 Kathryn Enchmarch & Martin Bailey

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